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WHI.5 SOL Review
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  • Identify all of the city-states on the map from west to east.
    Olympia, Sparta, Athens, Troy
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  • What caused the Greeks to develop into city-states instead of a unified nation/empire?
    The geography (mountains)
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  • What two things did all Greeks have in common?
    Greek language and belief in Greek Mythology
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  • Give two of the three things that Greek Mythology explained in Greek culture.
    Natural phenomena, human qualities, and life events
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  • Explain what each of the following gods/goddess rule over in Greek Mythology. Zeus, Hera, and Apollo
    King of Gods/Thunder, Queen of Gods/Marriage and Childbirth, and Light/Music/Medicine
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  • Explain what each of the following gods/goddess rule over in Greek Mythology. Artemis, Athena, and Aphrodite
    Nature and the Hunt, Wisdom and Battle Strategy, and Love and Desire
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  • What three groups had no political rights/power in Greek society?
    Women, slaves, and foreigners.
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  • What form of government did Athens have? What about Sparta? Explain each.
    Direct Democracy- citizens vote on issues the state faces with a "yes" or "no" vote. Oligarchy- a small group of rulers/kings rule collectively together.
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  • What were the four forms of government Athens had (in order)?
    Monarchy, Aristocracy, Tyranny, and Democracy
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  • What united the Athenians and Spartans together for a period of time?
    The Persian invasion
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  • What war was fought between the Delian League and Peloponnesian Leagues over control of the Hellenic world? Which city-state led each alliance?
    The Peloponnesian War. Athens led the Delian League and Sparta led the Peloponnesian League.
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  • Who was an Athenian statesman who helped rebuild Athens after the Persian Wars and ushered in a period of unrivaled cultural achievement?
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  • What group from the north attacked the Greeks after their weakening in the Peloponnesian War?
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  • Who conquered all of Greece during the Macedonian Expansion? Who took power after his father was killed and went on to conquer the known world, including the Persian Empire?
    Phillip II and Alexander the Great
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  • Assign the following Greeks to their correct field of study. Sophocles, Herodotus, Phidias, Homer, and Plato Possible fields: Philosophy, History, Sculpture, Drama, Poetry
    Sophocles- Drama Herodotus- History Phidias- Sculpture Homer- Poetry Plato- Philosophy
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  • Assign the following Greeks to their correct field of study. Thucydides, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Aeschylus, Hippocrates Possible fields: Philosophy, History, Mathematics, Drama, Medicine
    Thucydides- History Pythagoras- Mathematics Aristotle- Philosophy Aeschylus- Drama Hippocrates- Medicine
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  • Name three waterways and three land features on the map.
    Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, Dardanelles Strait, Black Sea, Crete, Macedonia, Thrace, Asia Minor, Peloponnesian Peninsula
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  • Two parts: What word meant Greek culture? What word meant the center of the Greek cities?
    Hellenic; Agora
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  • What word mean "political" and what word meant "economic" that were a main focus of Greek life?
    Civic and commerce
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  • What war had the battle of Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis, what were the two sides, and which side won?
    The Persian Wars, a unified Greece vs. Persia, the Greeks won
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  • What building was constructed during the Golden Age of Pericles in Athens, why was it built, and what land feature was it atop?
    The Parthenon, to thank Athena for her help in the Persian Wars, and it was on the acropolis
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  • What is the Greek word for "city-state"?
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