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Winter Clues

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    During this activity, you will be using clues to infer what is being described. All of the items are related to winter.
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  • Keeping hands toasty warm is what I'm all about. Slip me over your fingers before you go out.
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  • I'm made of snow. I have a hat and a smile. I'm not alive and I'll melt after awhile.
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  • I'm warm and have sturdy soles. I go everywhere you go because I'm strapped on your feet as you stomp though the snow.
    Snow boots
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  • I'm made of yarn. I'm long and soft and nice. Wrap me around your neck, I'll keep it warm in snow and ice.
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  • I'm tall and I have needles. I stay green all year long. You'll find me in the forest outside where I belong.
    Pine Tree
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  • I'm a large arctic animal. My fur is soft and white. I eat fish and seals and even sleep in snow at night.
    Polar Bear
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  • I hatch and I waddle all around. I have wings but I can't fly. I slide on the icy ground.
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  • Put me on and zip me up! I have a hood for your head too. I come in many colors. I'm a source of warmth for you.
    Winter Coat
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  • On a cold winter night, I'm a warm meal to eat. I can be made of broth and noodles. Grab a spoon and take your seat!
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  • I'm a useful tool to have when the temperature drops low. I'll give you information when it's warm or ten below.
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  • I'm part of a home. I'm tall and strong. You'll see smoke coming out when the crackling fire is on.
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  • You drink me in the winter. I'm made with eggs and I'm thick. Pour me into a mug and add a cinnamon stick.
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