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Facing The Lion Chapter 5 Review

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    Effective readers are constantly determining and pulling out the important information in a story. Test your memory of the chapter!
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  • The government of Kenya made a law that all nomadic families must...
    send one child to school.
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  • Lamatarion (Lemasolai's brother) didn't want to go to school. Where did he hide out while trying to avoid school?
    A hyena's hole
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  • How old were children in Kenya supposed to be to go to school at this time?
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  • When Lemasolai was baptized the missionaries changed his name to...
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  • Lemasolai got a pair of tennis shoes as a prize for doing what?
    For being one of the best students in his class!
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  • Why did Lemasolia often have to walk extremely far distances to visit his family?
    The school stayed in one place, but his village moved around because they are nomads.
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  • What is a shifta?
    poachers who kill wild animals for money
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  • Did Lemasolia reject his own culture when the missionaries told it was wrong?
    No, he always wanted his own culture to be number one!
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  • The fact that Lemasolai runs from the lion when he is younger, but than decides to face the school bully shows he... becoming braver as he grows and he learns from mistakes.
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  • The text states the school was "very simple". Describe what the classroom looked like.
    no chairs or desks, children sat on the ground
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