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WHII.14a,b- African Independence Movements (+ In ...
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    African independence movements in the 20th century, specifically Kenya, Algeria, South Africa, and western African nations. 1/3 of the questions are also Indian review.
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  • The U.N. charter guaranteed the right to _________ for all African colonies which led to demands for independence.
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  • Many African cultures were very (dependent, proud, old, secular) which led to them demanding independence.
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  • Which of the following countries did not lose colonies in Africa?
    Belgium, France, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal
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  • What type of transition did most western African nations make during the 20th century?
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  • The United States and the U.S.S.R. both sought to make ______ of the newly formed African nations because the two superpowers were at that time engaged in the _______.
    allies; Cold War
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  • What nation ruled over Algeria before their war of independence from 1954-62?
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  • Jomo Kenyatta sought to gain freedom for Kenya from ________ through ________ means after the failed and violent Mau Mau uprising.
    Britain; legal
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  • Who led South Africans in their struggle for independence?
    Nelson Mandela
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  • What is the definition of "apartheid" and what nation was known for having it?
    Legal racism; South Africa
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  • Who was Kenya's first prime minister after gaining independence?
    Jomo Kenyatta
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  • Those living in Africa were exploited by what type of nations?
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  • Who was famous for practicing passive resistance and fought to free all of the Indian subcontinent from British rule?
    Mahatma (Mohandas) Gandhi
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  • The British _______ ruled over all of the Indian subcontinent with the help of many members of the upper class in India.
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  • Who was a close associate of Gandhi who pushed for the modernization of India?
    Jawaharlal Nehru
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  • What two religions are dominant in the Indian subcontinent today?
    Hinduism and Islam
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  • What political party has ruled in India for the better part of a decade?
    Indian National Congress
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  • What became illegal in India after the creation of their 1950 Constitution, although it is still practiced in many places?
    Caste system
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