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Billy Goats Gruff Review
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    Billy Goats Gruff Review
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  • Who are they?
    The Troll brothers.
    The Billy Goats Gruff
    The Billy Ghosts Gruff.
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  • Describe Beanie. (4 things)
    He is small, skinny, hungry and always in trouble.
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  • Describe Bertie. (2 things)
    He was the middle brother and crazy about sports.
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  • Describe Biffer. (3 things)
    He was big and strong and looked after his brothers.
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  • Why did they have to leave the farm?
    Because they wanted to meet the Troll.
    Because there wasn't much food.
    Because there wasn't much fun.
    Because they were bored.
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  • What clothes did Beanie eat?
    1 dog and some pants.
    2 socks and a shirt.
    3 shorts and a hat.
    2 shirts and a sock.
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  • Where did they want to go?
    Under the hill to Juicy Fields.
    Over the hill to Juicy Fields
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  • Who are they afraid of?
    The Billy Goats Gruff.
    The Terrible Troll.
    Niall Teacher.
    The beautiful Troll.
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  • Where did the troll live?
    Next to the bridge.
    Above the bridge.
    In Leader's Academy.
    Under the bridge.
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  • Were Beanie and Bertie good at climbing?
    Yes, they were very good.
    No, but they learned quickly.
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  • What did they need to bring? (5 things)
    Hay, compass, map, water and ball.
    Hat, grass, English book, cola and doll.
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  • What were they scared of in the forest?
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  • What was coming after the Goats?
    A big duck.
    A big rabbit.
    A big horse.
    A big mouse.
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  • Who was first to get to the bridge?
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  • Why did the Troll let Beanie past?
    Because the Troll liked Beanie.
    Because Beanie said his bigger brother was coming.
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  • Who was second to get to the bridge?
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  • Why did the troll let Bertie past?
    Because Bertie said his bigger brother was coming.
    Because the troll was kind.
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  • Who was last to get to the bridge?
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  • What did Biffer do to the Troll?
    He pushed him into the river.
    He kissed him on the nose.
    He pushed him into the mountain.
    He hugged him.
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  • Why were all the animals happy?
    They had been trapped in the forest but now they were free.
    They are scared of the Troll.
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