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A New National Identity
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    A US History Review of Chapter Eight

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  • This set the border between the United States and British owned Canada.
    Convention of 1818

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  • Elected president after James Madison.
    James Monroe

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  • Known as the liberator, helped countries south of the US gain their freedom
    Simon Bolivar

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  • A border agreement between the US and Spanish owned Florida
    Adams Onis Treaty

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  • Agreement that limited naval power on the Great Lakes
    Rush Bagot Agreement

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  • Statement by US President telling European powers to stay out of the western hemisphere
    Monroe Doctrine

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  • Henry Clay's plan to improve the US economy
    American System

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  • Allowed goods and people to move between all towns on Lake Erie and New York City
    Erie Canal

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  • Settled the conflict surrounding Missouri entering the Union
    Missouri Compromise

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  • A sense of pride and devotion to a nation

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  • Disagreements between different regions of the country

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  • The period of prosperity enjoyed by the US between 1815 and 1825
    Era of Good Feelings

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  • The first road built by the federal government in the US
    Cumberland Road

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  • Elected president in 1824
    John Quincy Adams

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  • He set up the Hudson River School, famous for teaching the painting of American landscapes
    Thomas Cole

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  • He wrote about the the West and American Indians, including a book called The Last of the Mohicans
    James Fenimore Cooper

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  • This 1824 court case about river trade focused interest on interstate commerce.
    Gibbons v Ogden

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  • He used a humorous form of writing called satire to warn Americans that they should learn from the past and be cautious about the future.
    Washington Irving

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  • He created Americans first dictionary.
    Noah Webster

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