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Reported Speech. Evening Group

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    Reported Speech exercises
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  • Emi: I'm happy.
    Emi said that she was happy.
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  • Sara: I will help you.
    Sara said that she would help me.
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  • Veronica: I will pay you back tomorrow!
    Veronica said that she would pay me back tomorrow.
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  • Antonia Maria: I am studying English.
    Antonia Maria said that she was studying English.
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  • Celia: I like candy.
    Celia said that she liked candy.
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  • Emi: I bought a new car yesterday.
    Emi said that she had bought a new car the day before.
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  • Veronica: I'm going to Madrid tomorrow.
    Veronica said that she was going to Madrid the next day.
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  • Natalia: I can speak English very well.
    Natalia said that she could speak English very well.
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  • Arnold: I must do my best to teach you English.
    Arnold said he must do his best to teach us/me English
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  • Isabel's boss suspects that she is stealing money. Isabel: "I didn't steal that money!"
    Isabel said that she hadn't stolen that money."
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  • Celia sees a car accident happening in front of his eyes. Celia: 'I will call 112!'
    Celia said that she would call 112.
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  • It's Sara's birthday next week. Sara: 'Hey Antonia Maria, it's my birthday next Friday."
    Sara told Antonia Maria that it was her birthday the following week.
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  • Alvaro's mum asked him to go to the supermarket. Alvaro is playing videogames and doesn't want to do it. - Alvaro: I'm not going to go to the supermarket, mum!
    Alvaro told his mum that he wasn't going to go the supermarket.
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  • Sara says this to YOU: I will hit you if you don't stop making that horrible noise.
    Sara said that she would hit me if I didn't stop making that horrible noise.
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  • It's a summer day, you're at the beach with Natalia. You suddenly realize you have forgotten your sunscreen! - Natalia: You are going to get sunburned!
    Natalia said that I was going to get sunburned.
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  • Isabel: "My tortilla is the best!"
    Isabel said that her tortilla was the best.
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  • Alvaro: "I watched Titanic last night."
    Alvaro said that he had watched Titanic the previous night. (/ the night before)
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  • Juan Pablo: "I want to win the lottery."
    Juan Pablo said that he wanted to win the lottery.
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  • Emi: "I had booked my tickets three months in advance."
    Emi said that she had booked her tickets three months in advance.
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  • Veronica: "I wasn't doing anything."
    Veronica said that she hadn't been doing anything.
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