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Dance vocabulary

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    Dance Vocabulary - Extension
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  • step
    step forward step back / step backward/ step to the right/step to the left
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  • shake
    shake your body / shake your / head shake your hips / shake your shoulders / shake it up / shake your booty (butt) / shake hands (when you meet someone)
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  • raise
    raise your hand raise your arms above your head/raise your right foot/raise your head OPP:LOWER/raise your shoulders
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  • bend
    bend your knees/bend your arms OPP:STRAIGHTEN
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  • tap
    tap your feet tap your toes (make an up and down movement to touch a surface)
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  • swing
    to make regular movements forwards and backwards or from one side to another while hanging Let your arms swing as you walk/She swung her legs from side to side.
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  • wiggle
    to move with small movements from side to side or up and down, or to make something move like this
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  • lift
    lift your hand/arm/leg/head/eyes
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  • -ward/-wards (suffix)
    -wards is a suffix that forms adverbs showing direction. For example, if you move or look backwards, you move or look in the direction your back is facing.
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  • thrust
    to push something somewhere roughly
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  • lean
    to move or bend your body in a particular direction lean forward/back/over etc
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