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Present Continuous vs Present Simple

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_____ you sometimes _________ (read) comics?
Do / read
He normally _____________ (eat) dinner at home.
I _____________ (not/drink) coffee very often.
don't drink
__________ (you/eat) rice every day?
Do you eat
My dad _____________ (think) of quitting his job.
is thinking / 's thinking
I usually __________  (enjoy) parties, but I _____________ (not / enjoy) this one very much.
enjoy | 'm not enjoying / am not enjoying
Karla ______________ (look) for a place to live. She _________ (stay) with her sister until she finds one.
’s looking / is looking | ’s staying / is staying
My parents ______________ (live) in Belgium. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. Where _____________________ (your parents / live)?
live | do your parents live?
 Normally I ____________ (finish) work at five, but this week I _____________  (work) until six to earn a little more money.
finish | ’m working / am working
'Can you drive?' ' I _____________(learn).  My father _______________ (teach) me.
’m learning / am learning | ’s teaching / is teaching
Can we stop walking soon? I _____________ (start) to feel tired.
’m starting / I am starting
Rachel is in New York right now. She _________ (stay) at the Park Hotel. She always ____________  (stay) there when she’s in New York.
’s staying / is staying | stays
We usually ___________ (grow) vegetables in our garden, but this year we ______________ (not / grow) any.
grow | aren’t growing / ’re not growing / are not growing
The river _______________ (flow) very fast today – much faster than usual.
’s flowing / is flowing
'_______________ (you / listen) to the radio every day?’    ‘No, just occasionally.’
Do you listen
'________________ (you / listen) to the radio?’    ‘No, you can turn it off.’
Are you listening
Hurry up! Everybody ________________ (wait) for you.
’s waiting / is waiting