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When it is cold inside, the heater will turn on.
the heater turns on
When you leave the milk out, it will become sour.
it becomes
She would go to Spain if her parents would buy her a plane ticket
if her parents bought
If I would win the big prize, I would take you to dinner at a fancy restaurant.
If I won
If you will eat your vegetables, you will be allowed to watch television
If you eat
Sammy will be allowed to play only if he will share his toys.
if he shares
Sam won't go to the dance unless you will ask him
unless you ask him
I'll do the cooking if you buy everything we need.
If you ring the emergency services, help arrives quickly.
If Andorra were a bigger country, it won't be so famous.
it wouldn't be
He'll call you if he will find a phone.
if he finds
I'll tell him the news if I'll see him.
if I see him
Unless she comes soon, we'll be late for the first performance.
Even if I will lend you some money, it will not be enough.
if I lend
I would give you the information if I had it.
Unless she is not careful, she will fall off the bike.
unless she's careful
What will happen if I will push this button?
if you push