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Joke: Why don't bananas snore when they sleep?
They don't want to wake the bunch!
Joke: What kind of a key opens a banana?
A monKEY!
This baby bananimal has wings but doesn't fly, it usually lives on a farm.
It's a banana chick.
This bananimal looks for it's food from the high in the sky.
It's a banana eagle.
This bananimal lives near the sea and eats fish. It rhymes with peel.
It's a banana seal.
This bananimal can fly and it's name rhymes with trick or treat.
It's a banana parakeet.
This bananimal spends it's whole life in water. It's name rhymes with wish.
It's a banana fish.
This bananimal lays eggs, has feathers and can fly.
It's a banana bird.
This bananimal doesn't have any legs or arms but can climb a tree.
It's a banana snake.
This bananimal can speak and will repeat what you say.
It's a banana parrot.
When this bananimal is a male it's long feathers are the opposite of ugly.
It's a banana peacock.
This bananimal's name rhymes with truck. It likes to swim.
It's a banana duck.
This bananimal swims in the ocean and is very smart.
It's a banana dolphin.
This bananimal is the opposite of small and has a really long nose.
It's a banana elephant.
This bananimal is the opposite of fast and has a shell on it's back. It also leaves a little trail behind it wherever it goes.
It's a banana snail.
This bananimal is the opposite of slow and has spots.
It's a banana cheetah.