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FH3 - Past Simple

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_____ you _______ (cook) pizza yesterday? No, _________________.
Did you cook/ I didn't.
_____she ________ (play) tennis last week? Yes, _______________.
Did she play / she did.
_____ they __________(take) lots of photos?
Did they take
_____ you __________(read) a book yesterday?
Did you read
In the evening I ________________ (not watch) TV.
didn't watch
In the evening I ______________ (do) my homework.
We ________________(not play) volleyball last Saturday.
didn't play
After school my friends and I _______________ (play) tennis in the playground.
She ________________(not make) chicken sandwiches.
didn't make
My mum _____________ (make) cheese sandwiches for my lunch.
We ____________ (not have) PE.
didn't have
In the morning we _____________ (have) English and Maths.
I ______________(not ride) my bike.
didn't ride
I _____________(walk) to school yesterday.
I ______________(not eat) bread or honey.
didn't eat
Yesterday I ______________ (eat) an egg for breakfast.