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What does "backseat driver" mean?
to give unwanted advice, or instructions, to tell someone something they didnt ask for
What does "break a leg" mean? (Hint: You will do great at the play! Break a leg!)
good luck, to wish someone good luck
What does "under the weather" mean? (Hint: I cannot go to school since I am under the weather)
to feel sick, to be sick, to feel ill
What does "come out of your shell" mean?  ( Hint: When I joined the debate team, I really came out of my shell and made a lot of new friends)
To be more confident // to be more social and talkative
What is an idiom that means someone is very smart?
A smart cookie
What is an idiom that means "he or she can grow things easily?"
Green thumb
What is an idiom that means "the secret is out" or "The secret is revealed?"
The cat is out of the bag
What is an idiom that means "it is easy?"
Piece of cake
What does "smart cookie" mean? (Hint: She got all the answers right. She is one smart cookie!)
intelligent // very smart
What does "piece of cake" mean? (Hint: The test was no problem for me. It was a piece of cake!)
It was easy // easy // simple
What does "couch potato" mean? (Hint: Although he was on summer break, he preferred to relax in his pajamas and watch tv.)
to be lazy // to not want to do anything
What does "a bull in a china shop" mean? (Hint: My dog jumped on the table and my homework went everywhere. She was like a bull in a china shop).
Someone who often makes mistakes // someone who causes a lot of damage // a person who breaks things
What does "it's raining cats and dogs mean?"
It is raining a lot // It's raining heavily
What does "the cat is out of the bag" mean? (Hint: Mom found out about the surprise. I guess the 'cat is out of the bag')
the secret is out // the secret is revealed
What does "hit the hay mean?" (Hint: After a tiring day, Mary was going to 'hit the hay')
To go to sleep // to rest
What does "butterflies in the stomach" mean? (Hint: He was so nervous for his speech that he felt like he had 'butterflies in his stomach').
to be nervous // to feel nervous
What does "hold your horses" mean? (Hint: She was so excited that she wanted to run down the stairs. Her dad told her to "hold your horses" as the package hadn't arrived yet.)
To wait. // To be patient.
What does "zip your lip" mean? (Hint: This is the third time I've told you to please stop talking. Please "zip your lip").
To be quiet // to stop talking
What does "kill two birds with one stone" mean? (Hint: If you do laundry while watching tv you kill two birds with one stone").
To get two things done at the same time // Accomplish two things at once
What does "catch some zzz's mean?" (Hint: I'm tired so I'm going to catch some zzz's).
Sleep // To get some sleep
What does "She has a green thumb" mean? (Hint: She can make anything grow. People say she has a green thumb)
She is good with plants // She is good at helping plants grow.