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NGPF MS - Protecting Yourself

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insurance plan options include: paying a ____ premium in exchange for ____coverage or a ____ premium with less coverage.
 higher; more; lower
 lower; more; higher
 higher; less; lower
 lower; less; higher
Which type of insurance covers your necessary medical costs, from doctor’s appointments to surgeries?
 Health Insurance
 Auto Insurance
 Disability Insurance
 Liability Insurance
Select the best definition of an insurance premium. 
 The amount of money you pay for the insurance policy.
 The amount you pay out-of-pocket if a loss occurs
 The amount you pay only when you need to use your insurance
 The level of insurance coverage you have
Which type of auto insurance coverage is used when another person is injured during an accident? 
 Underinsured Motorist
Reed pays $112 per month for his auto insurance. This amount is called his...
What is the purpose of insurance? 
 To manage risk
 To build wealth
 To build relationships
 To manage liabilities
How can you practice computer security when downloading apps? 
 Check privacy settings to see what info the app can access
 Download apps first thing in the morning, not late at night.
 Never download free apps only those you have to pay for
Nita received an email from her local bank. Which of the following is a clue that this email is a phishing scam? 
 there is a problem with her account but there are two mis
 The email includes both Nita's first and last name.
 The email included the address and phone number of the bank
Which of these is the strongest password?
 <b>t1pwtsb! - It contains letters, numbers, &amp; symbol</b>
 <b>daniel1 - It contains both the person's name and a number.</b>
 <b>123456 - It contains all numbers instead of letters, making it more secure.</b>
 <b>football - It is easy to remember so you will never forget your password.</b>
How do you know if the website you are shopping on is secure?
 <b>The URL will change to https://</b>
 <b>A secure website will always require a username and a password.</b>
 <b>The word SECURE will appear in the upper righthand corner.</b>
 <b>Secure websites always have a large lock at the bottom of the webpage.</b>
Which is a strategy that will help protect yourself from identity theft?&nbsp;
 <b>Always shred any documents that contain personal or financial information </b>
 <b>Always use the same password for your accounts.</b>
 <b>Never use a public wifi network for any reason.</b>
Select the best definition of identity theft.&nbsp;
 <b>someone uses info about you without permission to steal money/resources</b>
 <b>Removing electronic merchandise from a store without paying for it.</b>
 <b>Disrespectful communication with another person on a social media platform.</b>
 <b>Making approved purchases on a credit card that is in another person's name.</b>
Select the best definition of a good digital citizen.&nbsp;
 <b>prevents cyber bullying, promotes online safety, encourages digital health</b>
 <b>has a high level of computer science knowledge.</b>
 <b>posts to multiple social media accounts.</b>
 <b>spends long hours online to spread positive information.</b>
&nbsp;Limiting your time online, taking frequent breaks, stretching, eating, and staying hydrated are all examples of...
 <b>digital health &amp; wellness.</b>
 <b>digital literacy.</b>
 <b>online safety.</b>