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Book 1 (1st half) Say 3 things

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Say 3 continents
Asia, Africa, Europe
Say 3 types of clothes
T-shirt, dress, trousers
Say 3 animals
frog, puma, rabbit
Say 3 colours
red, yellow, ble
Say 3 parts of the body
hand, head, leg
Say 3 seasons
spring, summer, winter
Say 3 months
January, February, March
Say 3 days of the week
Monday, Saturday, Sunday
Say 3 consonants
C, D, F
Say 3 vowels
A, E, I
Say 3 possessive adjectives
my, your, his
Say 3 prepositions of place
between, beside, behind
Say 3 plurals
women, men, feet
Say 3 things in the living room
sofa, table, chair
Say 3 capital cities
Paris, London, Berlin
Say 3 nationalities
Russian, American, English
Say 3 countries
Germany, France, Spain
Say 3 professions
secretary, driver, waiter
Say 3 surnames
free answer
Say 3 names
free answer