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Passive Voice

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The boy killed the spider.
The spider was killed (by the boy)
My grandmother made the cake yesterday.
The cake was made (by my grandmother) yesterday
Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein.
The novel Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley.
This tree is very old. It ___________________(plant) in the 19th century.
was planted
Don’t turn round! I think we _______________ (follow)!
are being followed
Fifty scientists _______________ (take part) in the International Environment project so far.
have taken part
This photo __________________(take) by my grandfather when I was five.
was taken
You must not waste your money on stupid things.
Your money must not be wasted on stupid things.
We can't identify the writer of the poem
The writer of the poem can't be identified.
People eat 40 million hamburgers every day.
40 million hamburgers are eaten every day.
Smoking _______________ (not allow) on planes.
is not allowed
The 2022 Football World Cup _______________ (hold) in Qatar.
will be held
By the time we got to the party, all the pizza _______________ (eat).
had been eaten
The world’s first motorways _______________ (build) in Germany in the 1930s.
were built
A guide will take you to your seat.
You will be taken to your seat by a guide.
They clean the windows every week.
The windows are cleaned every week.