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This dog is dressed as...
 Carrot Top
What happened?
(past tense)
Halloween is celebrated...
 At night
 In the morning
 At lunchtime
What scared them?
A skeleton
What's happening?
He's wearing different...
He's scared, what did he do?
What makes the car fly?
Oops. He might feel...
Witches usually ride a...
What's happening?
Why dress up a pet?
Where is this?
 Oregon Zoo
 The library
 The playground
What's the goopy part of a pumpkin called?
 Fibrous strands
What happened?
(past tense)
What happened?
(past tense)
Tell me about it.
What kind of animal is this?
 Red panda
Describe the pumpkin with 3 words.
Describe the dog with 3 words.
What's happening?
What's she doing?
She is stabbing/carving the pumpkin.
What's wrong with that kid?
This tool is called a...
His head is...
 Too big
 Too small