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What was the adjective used to decribe Jack in the Jack o Lantern story?
What day is Nevada Day?
October 31st
What movie is this?
Monster House
What movie is this?
What movie is this?
Which is NOT a Halloween Cereal? Ghostly Grape, Boo Berry, Count Chocula
Ghostly Grape
What three colors are candy corn made out of?
Yellow, Orange, and White
What is the name of the Skelton King in the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?
What does the term "hallow" mean in relation to Halloween?
A saint or holy person
In which country did Halloween originate?
When the Romans conquered the Celtics, they introduced the Pomona holiday. What fruit symbolized the holiday, and what current Halloween tradition did it lead to?
apples, bobbing for apples
What Mexican holiday is known as a time to remember family and friends?
Day of the Dead
In what country is Halloween known as the "Festival of Hungry Ghosts"?
People put their knives away in this country on Halloween, because they don't want to risk hurting "returning spirits". Germany, Japan, France
In which country is Dracula's Transylvania home located?
What was the name of the original Celtic festival from which Halloween was born? Samhoon, Samhane, Samhain
What vegetable was originally used for carving jack-o-lanterns?
What animal is often banned from adoptions during the month of October and especially on Halloween?
Black Cats