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B2 Comparatives, superlatives and intensifiers

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Lionel Messi is _____ Cristiano Ronaldo.
 considerably shorter than
 far more shorter than
 much more shorter than
 far more short than
I don’t think her new songs are ____ the music on her first album.
 as good as
 as well as
 more bad than
 as worse
I can find my keys _____ now that I always put them in that bowl next to the door.
 more easily
 much easier
 more easier
 much easilier
Since I started taking the dog to obedience classes, he’s been ___ easier to control.
Don’t buy anything in this shop – the one further down the street is ___ cheaper.
 much more
 far more
My grandmother bakes me ___ cakes than I can eat.
 much more
I’m looking forward to the 10 km run. I feel _______________ (much / fit) I did last year because I’ve been training regularly.
much fitter than
The latest version of the computer software is _______________ (far / easy) to use than the old one. It’s quite straightforward.
far easier
None of the trainers were cheap so I bought _______________ (less / expensive) ones.
the least expensive
Patrick did _______________ (much / bad) on his test than he expected. He was so disappointed.
much worse
I think Sam is _______________ (as / quick) me. We can both run really fast.
as quick as
We laughed a lot when we saw the first film but the second one is _______________ (even / funny)!
even funnier
Einstein was _______________ (one / intelligent) people who has ever lived. His mind was incredible.
one of the most intelligent
My sister is _______________ (not / tall) me. I’m 1 metre 73 and she’s only 1 metre 60.
not as tall as
I went to two different high schools in my teens. I preferred Jefferson School because it was a _______________ (much / friendly) place. I felt really welcome there.
much friendlier
I thought the maths exam was hard but the physics one was _______________ (far / difficult). It was impossible!
far more difficult
The crosswords in this newspaper are ___ than the ones online.
 much more difficult
 much difficult
 far difficulter
 as difficult
I’ve heard it’s going to be _____ tomorrow, so I want to go to the beach with my friends.
 much hotter
 too much hot
 much more hotter
 far more hot