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When monsters want to get away from it all, they go to Count Dracula's hotel named what, that is a lavish resort where they can be themselves without humans around to bother them.
Hotel Transylvania
Who is the main character in The Nightmare Before Christmas?
Jack Skellington
What are the names of the mom and dad in the Addams Family?
Gomez and Morticia Addams
Name the famous book that is a popular costume for Halloween.
According to superstition, a person born on Halloween has what particular ability?
They can talk to spirits
The word bonfire comes from what two words?
Bone and fire
90% of parents admit to doing this around Halloween
Sneaking candy from their kids' Halloween bags
What do people bob for at Halloween parties?
What is the most popular candy bought within the United States, including during the Halloween holidays?
Complete the following chant, normally said by witches: double, double, toil and …?
Try and unscramble the following word: BINLOG in order to reveal an ugly, short, green creature that is usually dangerous to humans?
What word begins with letter C, looks like a pot and is normally used by witches to brew their potions and cast evil spells?
What color cat is a symbol of Halloween?
What type of vegetable is disliked by vampires and is used to frighten them away?
What’s the color order of a piece of candy corn, from the base to the point?
Yellow (base), orange (middle), and white (top)
Which country celebrates the Day of the Dead starting at midnight on Oct. 31?
Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?
Every Halloween, Charlie Brown helps his friend Linus wait for what character to appear?
The Great Pumpkin
Out of which vegetable were Jack O’ Lanterns originally made?
Which Catholic Church holiday is Halloween linked to?
All Saints (Hallows) Day
In which country did Halloween originate?