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Take these points!
Take these points!
to get or reach (something) by working hard
achieve / agree / whether
a unit for measuring temperature
apron / bucket / degree
to have the same opinion
bushel / agree / rather
a person who creates a written work: writer
author / whiskers / chicken
They launched a _________ to the planet Venus.
degree / rocket / bushel
They will _________ themselves to be bankrupt.
apron / gather / declare
A male __________ is called a rooster.
rocket / whiskers / chicken
He revealed the _________ under torture.
ticket / secret / rather
What's the right spelling?
degri / degree
What's the right spelling?
bucket / buket
What's the right spelling?
gathere / gather
What's the right spelling?
whether / wether
What's this?
poster / degree / author
What's this?
clothing / achieve / bushel
What's this?
bucket / secret / whiskers
What's this?
poster / apron / achieve