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GG2 Revision 4

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_________________ (bad / footballer) in the world is my dad!
The worst footballer
_______________(expensive / film ever) is The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
The most expensive film ever
__________________(old / pair of jeans) in the world is 136 years old!
The oldest pair of jeans
___________________(big / pizza) in the world is from Italy.
The biggest pizza
Monkey are _______________(funny) tigers.
funnier than
Dogs are ________________(intelligent) cats.
more intelligent than
Giraffes are ___________(tall) elephants.
taller than
TIgers are ____________________(fast) tortoises.
faster than
Elephants are _____________(big) tigers.
bigger than
Angel Falls is the world’s highest __________________ . FLATWALER
New Zealand is an _________________ . DANSIL
There isn’t any water in a ____________ . STREDE
You can climb a ________________ . NOVOCAL
You can go sailing on a _____________. EKAL
You can go skiing on a ___________. OMUTNINA