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Past Perfect or Past Simple?

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We (lose) the match because we (practise / not) the days before.
lost, hadn't practised
In the shopping centre I (meet) a friend I (not see) for ages.
met, hadn't seen
They (have) a party before Julie (get) home from her holiday.
had had, got
After they (see) the Tower, they (go) to Westminster Abbey.
had seen, went
He (ask) me which animals I (see) in Africa.
asked, had seen
After Columbus (discover) America, he (return) to Spain.
had discovered, returned
Before they (move) to Liverpool, they (sell) everything.
moved, had sold
She (open) the box after she (find) the key.
opened, had found
They (go) to a restaurant after they (sail).
went, had sailed
Before they (start) the party, they (invite) some friends.
started, had invited
The thief (can) walk right into the house because you (lock / not) the door.
could, hadn't locked
We ate at a restaurant last night because I (buy / not) anything for dinner.
hadn't bought
When we came back, it was cold in the house because Alice (close / not) the windows.
hadn't closed
(what / Bob / do) that he was kept in after school?
What had Bob done
(you / eat) anything before you went to the theatre?
Had you eaten
(he / live) in London before he moved to Glasgow?
Had he lived
(they / book) a room before they went to Dublin?
Had they booked
(why / they / have) dinner before they came to the party?
Why had they had
(Carly / wash) the dishes when her mum came home?
Had Carly washed