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Past Simple or Past Continuous?

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When Alex ______, I _______ dinner. (arrive, have)
arrived, was having
She ________ very fast and she _______ the tree. (run, not see)
was running, didn't see
I _______ a book when you ______ me. (read, call)
was reading, called
While my father _________, my mum _________ tennis. (run, play)
was running, was playing
They _______ off their bikes because they _______ too fast. (fall, ride)
fell, were riding
She ______ the road when I ____ her. (cross, meet)
was crossing, met
John _______ asleep while he _______ a book. (fall,read)
fell, was reading
When I _____ Martha at the party she _____ to Juliet. (see, not talk)
saw, wasn't talking
They ______ video games while their mom _______ the dishes.(play, wash)
were playing, was washing
While my father _______ a bike, he _____ two robbers run out of the bank. (ride, see)
was riding, saw
Mary ______ lunch when they ______. (prepare, come)
was preparing, came
Last weekend Susan ______ and ______ her leg. (walk, break)
was walking, broke
While we ______ to Paris we _____ an accident. (drive, see)
were driving, saw
The phone ______ while David ______ a shower. (ring, have)
rang, was having
I _______ when I ______ off the bed. (sleep, fall)
was sleeping, fell
While they _________ home they ______ a beautiful rainbow. (go, see)
were going, saw
When I ______ Kate, she _____ a black dress. (meet, wear)
met, was wearing
It _______ to rain while they _______ for the bus.(start, wait)
started, were waiting