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Cleft Sentences

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The book is on the top shelf.
It is on the top shelf where the book is.
You called me on Tuesday.
It was Tuesday that you called me.
My father gave me the money.
It was my father who gave me the money.
I borrowed those books.
Those were the books I borrowed.
Say what annoys you about your city (it’s).
It's _______ that annoys me about my city.
Say something you like about vacation.
What I like about vacation is...
Say who taught you something.
Who taught me something was...
Say something you need to change in your life.
What I need to change in my life is...
Say something you don’t understand about life/the universe/people/nature/politics/etc.
What I dislike about life/the universe/people/nature/politics/etc. is...
Say something you dislike about school/work.
What I dislike about school/work is...
Say something you find really easy to do.
What I find really easy to do is...
Say something you like to do on your free time.
What I like to do on my free time is...