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Book 3 (2nd half) Review

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What are you doing tonight?
free answer
Complete: I have been _____ for _____
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"I have a test on Wednesday. " "You had better..."
You had better study hard.
Complete: When I used to ______ when I was a child.
free answer
"I bought a new computer." "So ___"
So did I.
"I don't like cold weather". "Neither ____"
Neither do I.
Tag question: She sings well, ____?
doesn't she?
Tag question: They finished the project, _____?
didn't they?
Tag question: You like chocolate cake, _____?
don't you?
Complete: I will go to work tomorrow, unless...
free answer
Complete: I will be here next class, unless...
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Complete: I will be _____ at 11am on Sunday.
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1st conditional: If I ____ (get) a promotion at work, I ____ (buy) a new house.
If I get a promotion at work, I will buy a new house.
Complete: At this time tomorrow, I will be _______
free answer
2nd conditional: I _____ (not buy) a new car if I ____ (not have) enough money.
I wouldn't buy a new car if I didn't have enough money.
2nd conditional: If it _____ (not be) raining, I _____ (go) to the beach.
If it weren't raining, I would go to the beach.