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Logo Riddles

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Where is the spoon?
In the writing nib
Where is the secret bottle?
in the "in"
Where is the hidden weapon?
in the "a"
Where is the secret animal?
in the "py"
Where is the secret flag?
in the o of "cola"
What is the P supposed to be?
a pin
What are the secret letters in the baseball glove?
Can you see the secret bird?
It's a peacock
What secret animals do you see?
There is a gorilla, fish, and a lioness
Do you see the secret kiss?
It's in the "KI"
Do you see where the secret city is?
It's in the giraffe legs
What is the secret number?
Can you see the secret animal in the logo?
There's a bear in the mountain!
What is the hidden number in this logo?
What do you need to change to turn it into a smile?
Take all the letters out and add an eye.
Can you find the hidden arrow in the logo?
It's in the "EX"
Can you find the mistake? (Do you remember what the real White House looks like?)
There are two chimneys on the roof of the real White House.
Can you find the hidden message?
it's in her shirt (it says MOM)
Can you find some secret in this logo?
the word "eleven" (all of the letters are upper case except for the n)