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WHI.8 SOL Review

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Identify 6 of the 8 cities on this map.
Mr. Smith will check
Where do Muslims believe Muhammad made a spiritual journey from to Heaven?
The rock (which is now enclosed in the Dome of the Rock)
What type of books did the Muslims translate into Arabic?
Greek, Roman, Indian, pretty much anyone they could learn from
Where was the Muslim capital initially, where was it moved to, and by who?
Mecca to Baghdad by the Abbasid Caliphate
What numerical system do we use today that the Muslims developed?
Arabic numerals
Where was Muslim expansion into Europe stopped, by who, and why is this significant?
At the Battle of Tours, by the Franks, and it kept Christianity in Europe alive or limited spread of Islam into Europe
What two cities were held by the Byzantines that would be taken over by the Muslims?
Damascus and Jerusalem
What type of math were Muslims famous for creating?
What two types of environments did Muslims spread in spite of?
Deserts and mountains
What are the three holiest cities in Islam, in order? Also, what makes them important to Muslims?
Mecca => Medina => Jerusalem Birthplace of Muhammad, where Muhammad fled to and gained followers, and where Muhammad had a spiritual trip to heaven
What part of Europe fell to Muslim control for the better part of seven centuries?
What is the correct order of the three monotheistic faiths that are related to each other?
Judaism => Christianity => Islam
What is the holy text of Islam and what language would it first have been written in?
Quran (Koran) in Arabic
Who was the founder of Islam and what do his followers consider him to be?
Muhammad, the final prophet
What created the split between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims? What did each believe?
The death of Muhammad, who should rule next, do caliphs have to be related to Muhammad or not. Sunni- anybody, Shi'a- caliphs must be related to Muhammad