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Aa - Ii alphabet

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Ii - It looks like a big lizard.
I i iguana
Ii - It is an animal that has three body parts. Ants and butterflies are these.
I i insect
Ii - It is inside a pen. It can come out and make your paper dirty.
I i ink
Hh - Wear this when you ride a bike. It keeps your head safe.
H h helmet
Hh - I can eat this. I can buy this at a fast food restaurant.
H h hamburger
Hh - It can run fast. It has a mane. I can ride on it.
H h horse
Gg - I can play music on this. I use two hands.
G g guitar
Gg - You can give this to someone because it is their birthday.
G g gift
Ff - People who love you. People who care for you. You live together.
F f family
Ff - It looks like a dog. It can be red.
F f fox
Ee - Chickens, snakes and crocodiles can lay these.
E e egg
Ee - It is part of my arm. If I bump it, it hurts.
E e elbow
Dd - They are extinct. Big teeth. Short arms.
D d dinosaur (T-Rex)
Dd - This person can help sick people.
D d doctor
Cc - I can use it. I can surf the Internet. I can type.
C c computer
Cc - It is sweet. It is hard of soft. Don't eat too many!
C c candy
Cc - It has four legs. It has whiskers. It says meow.
C c cat
Bb - It is an insect. It has colorful wings. It loves flowers.
B b butterfly
Bb- Small person. Likes to sleep, eat and laugh.
B b baby
Bb - I can ride it. It has two wheels.
B b bike
Aa - It is an insect. It is red. It likes to find food.
A a ant
Aa - She can go to space or the moon.
A a astronaut
Aa - You can eat it. It is red or green.
A a apple