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Fun trivia (part 1)

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What do you say if you'd like to ask something?
 Excuse me, can I ....?
 I'm sorry, can I .... ?
 Scream "HELP!"
 Call 911
What do you say if you are not feeling good?
 I'm not ok.
 I'm fine thanks.
 I'm crazy.
 I'm amazing.
Which one is the color of love?
What to you have to buy to go by bus?
Which service is not made for online classes?
 Google Meet
 Microsoft Teams
Which one is not a country?
 Trinidad and Tobago
Which one is NOT a continent?
What is not a true currency?
 Canadian peso
 Thai Baht
 US Dollar
 Japanese Yen
In what weather you can't see the sun?
 Partly cloudy
 Partly sunny
What drink is the most popular in China?
What's the capital of Italy?
 San Francisco
What is the name of American President
 Joe Biden
 Barak Obama
 Donald Trump
 Hillary Clinton
How many eggs are in a dozen?
How many provinces are there in Thailand?
How many days are in November?
How many zeroes are in one thousand?
How many legs does a spider have?
How many letters are in the English alphabet?
What do you call a bird's home?
If your hair is not STRAIGHT, then it is what?
What do you draw pictures with?
 Apple Pencil
What do you take pictures with?
What is the name of Mickey Mouse's dog?
What day is between Sunday and Tuesday?
What is the third month in a year?