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Encouraging words

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Your partner’s home was destroyed by a tornado. What do you say?
That's terrible!
Your partner’s grandmother just passed away. What do you say?
I'm sorry to hear that, etc.
Your partner lost $15,000 on the stock market. What do you say?
That's too bad.
Your partner just won first prize in a cooking contest. What do you say?
Wow! That's great!
Your partner just got a huge promotion at work. What do you say?
That's really good news.
Your partner’s wife just had a healthy baby daughter. What do you say?
Your partner’s dog was hit by a car. He/She is worried, but the dog will be okay. What do you say?
It's going to be alright. Don't worry.
Your partner has a job interview tomorrow. What do you say?
Good luck! You can do it! 
Your partner has a big exam this afternoon. What do you say?
Do the best you can!
Your partner is leaving a party that you hosted. What do you say?
Goodbye, thanks for coming!
You are seeing your friend off at the airport. What do you say?
Have a nice trip.
After a short conversation, your friend has to leave. What do you say to him/her?
It's been nice talking with you, goodbye!
Your partner just arrived at the airport in your city. Welcome him/her.
You haven’t seen your partner for a long time. What do you say when you see him/her again?
It's good to see you again.
Your partner has just arrived at your home. What do you say?
Welcome back, etc.