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How many characters are in the Korean alphabet (한글)?
There are 24 letters in 한글.
What holiday is celebrated on August 15th each year in South Korea?
Liberation Day (광복절)
What famous Korean singer is known for the songs "That, That", "Gentleman", and "I Luv It"?
Who was the first Korean female athlete to win a medal in gymnastics at the Olympics?
Yeo Seo Jeong
What is the highest mountain in South Korea?
Halla-san (한라산) is the highest mountain in South Korea - 1,950 meters
What is the national animal of South Korea?
 The Siberian tiger (시베리아 호랑이)
 The Wild Boar (멧돼지)
 The Moon Bear (달곰)
 The Grizzly Bear (회색 ê³°)
What is the national flower of South Korea?
The Hibiscus (무궁화)
What Korean city hosted the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Athletics?
Daegu hosted the event from August to September 2011.
Who scored the 'Golden Goal' header in the Round of 16 of the 2002 World Cup to beat Italy?
Ahn Jung Hwan (안정환)
Who was the first Korean astronaut to fly into space?
Yi So Yeon (이소연) became the first Korean to go into space on April 8th, 2008
What Premier League club does Son Heung Min play for?
He plays for Tottenham Hotspur
What Korean baseball player now plays for the Toronto Blue Jays?
Ryu Hyun Jin (he used to play for the LA Dodgers and Hanwha Eagles)
Who was the first Korean to win a gold medal at the Olympics for figure skating?
Kim Yu Na (2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada)
What is the biggest province (도) in South Korea?
The biggest province is Gangwon-do (강원도).
What is the longest river in South Korea?
The Nakdong river (510km long)
How many islands are there in South Korea?
What is the tallest building in South Korea and where is it located?
Lotte Tower in Seoul (556 meters - 123 floors)
What were the names of the 2 mascots for the 2018 Winter Olympics that were held in Pyeongchang?
Soohorang and Bandabi
What are the 3 most common surnames (family names) in South Korea? Rank them in order.
1. Kim 2. Lee 3. Park
What is South Korea's national pastime?
Tae Kwon Do
What was the name of Korea's first Kingdom?
Old Chosun
What is the name of the land located between North and South Korea?
The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
How many National Parks are there in South Korea?
What are the 3 largest cities in South Korea?
1. Seoul (9.736 million) 2. Busan (3.372 million) 3. Incheon (2.622)
How many people live in South Korea?(est. 2018)
 About 51,000,000
 About 42,000,000
 About 65,000,000
 About 35,000,000
What day is celebrated on March 14th each year?
White Day
What traditional food do Koreans usually eat on their birthdays?
Seaweed Soup
How many different types of kimchi are there?