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Animal Trivia

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Which of these invertebrates is NOT a crustacean?
 Pill Bug
Which bat species is the largest?
 Golden-Capped Fruit Bat
 Vampire Bat
 Egyptian Fruit Bat
 Hog-Nosed Bat
What is a group of rhinoceros called?
 Crash of rhinos
 Herd of rhinos
 Pod of rhinos
 Clan of rhinos
Of these four animals, which one is not extinct?
 Angel Shark
 Newfoundland Wolf
 California Grizzly Bear
 Bali Tiger
Outside of the cat family, which animal has retractable claws?
 Peregrine falcon
What is the sleepiest animal in the world, sleeping around 22 hours each day?
How many hearts does an octopus have?
The term wake, kettle or committee refers to a group of what bird?
Cynophobia is the fear of what kind of animal?
What is the giraffes' scientific name
 Giraffa Camelopardalis
 Griffa Leopardus
 Geofirra Gonzalius
 Giraffia Camelopardis
What is the fastest land animal in North America:
Which mammal eats the most food for its size?
 Pygmy Shrew
 Blue whale
 Belgian draft horse
What animal is this?
 Vaquita porpoise
 Clown porpoise
 Hector's dolphin
 Melon-headed whale
What behavior is the bird in the video displaying?
 Courting a mate
 Aggression towards an intruder
 Stalking its prey
 Defending against predator
Which of the following animals is NOT a whale?
Out of the original 9, only 6 species of tiger remain. Which of the species below are extinct?
 Caspian Tiger
 Sumatran Tiger
 Siberian Tiger
 Indochinese Tiger
Which animal emits the loudest noise in terms of decibels?
 Tiger Pistol Shrimp
 Blue Whale
 Howler Monkey
In proportion to its body size, which of these animals has the longest tongue?
 Tube Lipped Nectar Bat
 Blue Whale
 Jackson's Chameleon
Which land animal has the longest tail?
 Black Spider Monkey
 Giant Anteater
What land animal has the biggest eyes?
 Bush Baby
What is a group of emus called?
These Rock Hyraxes are the closest living relative to which animal?
 Guinea Pig
Approximately how big is a giraffe at birth?
 About 6 feet
 About 3 feet
 About 10 feet
 About 1 foot
How often does a sloth poop?
 1 time per week
 2 times per day
 Every four hours
 1 time per month
How high can a Mountain Lion jump?
 15 feet
 12 feet
 5 feet
 20 feet