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Pop Culture Trivia 2021

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What is Billboardś #1 Hot 100 Song of the Year for 2020?
 Blinding Lights by The Weeknd
 Circles by Post Malone
 Don´t Start Now by Dua Lipa
 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi
What is the name of the cowboy in the Toy Story movies?
What movie in 2019 became the highest-grossing film (made the most money) of all time?
 Avengers: Endgame
 Spiderman: Far from Home
 Frozen II
 The Lion King
What team sport is known as the fastest game on earth?
What is the smallest breed of dog?
 Yorkshire Terrier
What type of fish is Nemo?
What movie franchise is famous for, ¨May the force be with you?¨
 Star Wars
 Indiana Jones
 Jurassic Park
Which NFL quarterback has won the most Super Bowl titles?
 Tom Brady
 Peyton Manning
 Terry Bradshaw
 Joe Montana
What is the first book in the Harry Potter series?
 The Sorcererś Stone
 Chamber of Secrets
 Prisoner of Azkaban
 Goblet of Fire
What is Americaś most popular breakfast cereal?
 Frosted Flakes
 Honey Nut Cheerios
 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Who is the Pokemon´s anime main character?
Who won the 2020 Super Bowl?
 Kansas City Chiefs
 San Francisco 49ers
 New England Patriots
 Pittsburgh Steelers
The largest city in the United States (by population)
 New York City, NY
 Los Angeles, CA
 Chicago, IL
 Houston, TX
On January 26, 2020, what famous basketball player was killed in a helicopter crash?
 Kobe Bryant
 Roberto Clemente
 Buddy Holly
 John F. Kennedy Jr.
Which team has LeBron James NOT played for?
 Los Angeles Clippers
 Los Angeles Lakers
 Cleveland Cavaliers
 Miami Heat
Name this movie:
 The Sandlot
 Little Rascals
 The Big Green
Chocolate is originally from:
This state is the biggest U.S. state by size:
 New York
What movie is this from?
 We Can Be Heros
 Big Hero 6
 Cheaper by the Dozen
 The Incredibles
Which K-pop group broke the YouTube view record for their hit "Dynamite
 Girls Generation
Who is this famous movie villain?
 The Joker
 Darth Vader
Which artist sings "7 Rings"?
 Ariana Grande
 Carly Rae Jepsen
 Demi Lovato
 Taylor Swift
In what state is the Grand Canyon located?
What is the most popular fast food chain in North America?
 Taco Bell
Which baseball team won the 2020 World Series?
 Los Angeles Dodgers
 Houston Astros
 Texas Rangers
 Cleveland Indians
Which U.S. City is known as "The Windy City
 Los Angeles
What is the most popular brand of soda?
 Coca Cola Classic
 Diet Coke
Who has the most Tik Tok followers?
 Charli DÁmelio
 Addison Rae
 Noah Beck
 Josh Richards
Who is this football player?
 Patrick Mahomes
 Lamar Jackson
 Baker Mayfield
 DeShaun Watson