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Book 2 (1st half) Say 3 things

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Say 3 words to describe the weather
rainy, sunny, foggy
Say 3 healthy foods
salad, yogurt, fruit
Say 3 animals
pig, duck, dog
Say 3 things you will do tomorrow
work, send emails, cook dinner
Say 3 parts of the house
bedroom, bathroom, kitchen
Say 3 famous singers
Lady Gaga, Adele, Rihanna
Say 3 things that are important for you
family, friends, job
Say 3 sports
football, volleyball, basketball
Say 3 musical instruments
piano, guitar, violin
Say 3 famous actors
Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio
Say 3 things that are heavier than paper
wood, iron, steel
Say 3 things that are made of metal
keys, knives, forks
Say 3 beautiful cities
free answer
Say 3 things that are inside a computer
hard disk, motherboard, processor
Say 3 things that cause a lot of stress
work, money, exams
Say 3 cheap things
box of tissues, paper, fruit
Say 3 expensive things
iPhone, car, house
Say 3 types of shop
bookshop, electrical store, greengrocer's