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Present Continuous

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What is your dad doing right now?
Student's answer.
Is your mom watching TV now?
Student's answer.
What is he doing?
He is grilling meat.
Are they swimming right now?
No, they aren't. They are hiking.
What is he doing at the moment?
He is skiing at the moment.
Is she baking cakes now?
Yes, she is.
Is he driving a plane?
No, he isn't. He is driving a bus.
What is she doing at present?
She is cooking at present.
Are you flying a kite at the moment?
Yes, I am.
What is your teacher doing?
Student's answer
Are you chatting with your friends right now?
Student's answer.
Are you studying Maths now?
Student's answer
Are they going shopping?
Yes, they are.
Is she drinking milk?
No, she isn't. She's drinking water.
Are they playing video games?
No, they aren't. They're playing soccer.
Is he babysitting his nephew now?
Yes, he is.
Is she talking on the phone at the moment?
Yes, she is
Are they playing badminton right now?
No, they aren't. They're playing soccer.
What are you doing?
We are reading newspapers right now.
What is your dog doing at the moment?
My dog is sleeping at the moment.
What is he doing right now?
He is doing homework with his friends right now.
What are they doing now?
They are listening to music now.
What are you doing?
I am eating a sandwich.
What is she doing?
She is dancing.