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Future Simple

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Say in Future Simple: It is snowing.
It will snow.
Say in Future Simple: He doesn't do morning exercises.
He won't do morning exercises.
Say in Future Simple: Do you make your bed?
Will you make a bed?
Say in Future Simple: She gets up early.
She will get up early.
____ you _____ (send) a letter?
Will you send a letter?
____ we _____ (read) this book?
Shall we read this book?
He ___ (not/dust) next weekends.
He will not dust next weekends.
They____ (not/run) tomorrow.
They won't run tomorrow.
I __ (visit) my granny newt winter.
I will visit my granny next winter.
It ___ (rain) next week.
It will rain next week.
True or false: I'll = I will, he'll = he will, they'll=they will
True or false: will not = won't
It will sleep.
he/not/do/ his homework/next month
He wiil not do his homework next month.
Will she sing carols tomorrow?
I/go/to school/next week?
Shall I go to school next week?
we/play/games/next Friday?
Shall we play games next Friday?
they/swim/next week?
Will they swim next week?
they/not/go/ to school/ tomorrow
They won't go to school tomorrow.
I/go/to school/tomorrow.
I will go to school tomorrow.