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Is there or isn't there?

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How many pens are there?
There are seven pens.
How many apples are there?
There are four apples.
_____ _____ a lot of people outside?
No, there aren't.
_____ _____ food in the cabinets?
No, there isn't.
_____ _____ a lot of people in the street?
Yes, there are.
_____ _____ a problem?
No, there isn't.
_____ _____ time?
No, there isn't.
_____ _____ apple juice on the table?
No, there isn't. There's orange juice on the table.
_____ _____ students outside the school?
No, there aren't. There are students inside the school.
_____ _____ people on the bus?
Yes, there are.
_____ _____ a cat under the chair?
No there isn't. There is a cat on the chair.
_____ _____ a dog on the sofa?
Yes, there is.