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"I won't get a haircut" the kid said (refuse)
The kid refused to get a haircut.
"We could go to the movies" he said. (propose)
He proposed that we could go to the movies
"I love your present, thank you very much" Nora told Josh (Thank)
Nora Thanked Josh for the present.
"Go to your room!" my mom told me (order)
My mom ordered me to go to my room
"You must push this button first!" He told me. (explain)
He explained that I must push that button first.
Why didn't I buy the sneakers when they were on sale?" she said. (regret)
She regretted not buying the sneakers when they were on sale
"I didn't clean my room" he said (confess)
He confessed that he hadn't cleaned his room.
"I think George is the serial killer" Nia said (suspect)
Nia suspected George of being the serial killer.
"He always eats with his mouth open!" She said (criticize)
She criticized him for eating with his mouth open
"You never get home early" His mother told him (complain)
His mother complained that he never gets home early
"I'll order the cheeseburger with fries" Bob said (decide)
Bob decided to order the cheeseburger with fries.
"I didn't talk to him yesterday" She said (deny)
She denied talking to him the previous day
"I'm sorry I'm late" Nadia said (apologize)
Nadia apologized for being late
"You should visit the Roman Colosseum" He told us. (recommend)
He recommended that we should visit the Roman Colosseum/He recommended visiting
"You lost Samantha's new bracelet" Maggie told him (accuse / of)
Maggie accused him of losing Samantha's new bracelet.
“The bags look very heavy. Can I help you?" He told her. (offer)
He offered to help her with the bags
"You won the competition, congratulations" Jim told me (congratulate / on)
Jim congratulated me on winning the competition
"Please, please, don't tell my mom what happened" She told her brother (beg)
She begged her brother not to tell their mom what happened
"I won't do my homework" Alice said to her mom (refuse)
Alice refused to do her homework
"Why don't we phone Matt to invite him to the party?" She told me (suggest)
She suggested phoning Matt to invite him to the party
"I promise I will take you to Las Vegas" he told her (promise)
He promise her to take her to Las Vegas
"Don't forget to call your grandmother" Mom said to me (remind / me)
My mom reminded me to call my grandmother.
“Would you like to come for lunch on Sunday?” Ned asked Sandra. (invite)
Ned invited Sandra to come for lunch on Sunday.
"The accident was all my fault" said Greg (admit)
Greg admitted that the accident was all his fault.
"Don't talk during the exam" Said the teacher. (warn)
The teacher warned us not to talk during the exam