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Liam was a good basketball player who YEARNED for the chance to play professionally. He practiced every day and called coaches at all theprofessional teams asking for a try-out.
I love all kinds of FELINES, including tigers, lions, and even my kitty, Fluffy.
Roberta could not get over how ELEGANT the cruise ship was. The walls were paneled in beautiful wood, there were fresh flowers on every table, andthe floors were made of gleaming stone.
 stylish in appearance
When she was young, my grandmother was a MILLINER who made caps, berets, and bonnets for wealthy women.
 coat maker
 dress maker
 shoe maker
Before the surgery, the nurse ensured that all of the instruments we STERILIZED and completely cleaned.
When I was caught in the rain, my clothes were SATURATED and completely soaking wet.
 thoroughly wet
 thoroughly dry
 a mess
Regina remembered when she had just two pairs of shoes. Now, her closet holds a PLETHORA of shoes in almost every color and every style.
 large amount
Mr. Johnson owned a HABERDASHERY where he sold men’s suits, men's shirts, and ties.
 men's clothing store
 women's clothing store
 coat store
The sanitation department collects REFUSE, such as old furniture, empty boxes, and anything else that can’t be recycled.
Many people say I am very different from my twin sister. She is RETICENT, while I am very friendly and outgoing.
The pudgy baby panda bear looked CHUBBY and round.
Timothy cleaned his room so thoroughly that not a single PARTICLE of dust remained. Nothing was out of place, nor was there even the smallest bit ofdirt or grime on any surface.
 small piece
 large piece
Mary sneered at the ugly sweater. “Wow,” she said. “That is just HIDEOUS.”
The abandoned house was infested with VERMIN, including rats, fleas, and cockroaches.
Regular exercise is BENEFICIAL to your body, but too much exercise is not good for you.
Unlike my parents, who love classical music, I DETEST it.
Margaret had AMBIVALENT feelings about attending the concert. She knew she’d enjoy the music, but she didn’t really want to go out in the rainyweather.