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Name 5 things you use fire for
Name 5 things you use water for
name 5 things that break easily
Name 5 childhood hobbies.
Name 5 animals with whiskers
Name 4 yellow fruits
pineapple, mango, banana, lemon
Name 5 ailments
headache, backache, stomachache
Name 5 monthly bills
Electricity bill, gas bill, internet bill
Name 5 animal that live in water and land
Crocodile, hippo, penguin, seal, duck
Name 5 things we can do that starts with the letter S
Sit, stand, swim, speak, study, see, smell, scream, smile, sell, show, sweep
Name 5 animals that can fly
Bird, bat, fly, bee, mosquito, parrot, butterfly
Name 5 subjects at school
Study hard!
Name 5 students in the class
Name 5 English movies
Aaaand action!
Name 5 animals starting with the letter C
Cat, crocodile, cow, chicken, crab, cheetah, camel
Name 5 languages
¡Muy bien!
Name 5 English singers
Time to sing!
Name 5 kinds of clothes
Well done!
Name 5 sea animals
Turtle, shark, fish, starfish, octopus, crab, whale, dolphin, jellyfish, shrimp
Name 5 kinds of weather
Here comes the sun...
Name 5 jobs
Good job!
Name 5 drinks
Name 5 family members
We are family!
Name 5 sports
Win win!
Name 5 fruits starting with the letter P
Pear, papaya, passion fruit, palm fruit, pomegranate, pineapple, pomelo, peach, persimmon, plum
Name 5 nationalities
Name 5 vegetables
Vegetables are healthy!