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Context Clues 5th & 6th Grade

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Kim had the best voice in choir, it was inevitable that she would get the solo.
Greg was quite conspicuous with his neon colored t-shirt & hat. It was easy to spot him.
Grandpa was in a jovial mood, making jokes and laughing at everything.
Dan did not enjoy the monotonous work, doing the same thing over & over again
The rays from the rising sun shone splendidly through our window.
Sam was so hungry that he didn't leave a single particle of muffin on the plate.
The smooth dancer moved with elegance across the stage.
The judge questioned the witness, but he sat silent and declined to answer.
Jan went to the museum every weekend because she was so fascinated by art.
 deeply interested
Since athletes must stay in great shape, they seldom eat junk food.
 try to
Abbey held the delicate flower gently so the stem wouldn't break.
Kim didn't like her new haircut until several people made remarks in how nice it looked
After the bird escaped, Chris tried to coax it back into the cage with treats.
On the way to his room after just having been grounded, Tod murmured something under her breath
Grandpa didn't know that it was going to rain on the trip, and now he had to alter he plans
The bird was perched up on a branch looking down at the people below.
Nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables, help our bodies grow.
The cat scuttled quickly around the room without lying down at all.
The smell from the refrigerator was very foul, but the freezer smelled fresh.
The lanky dog was not fat, even though he ate a lot.
I meandered through the woods taking my time exploring.
Jackie was mortified after her puppy ripped her friend's brand new sweater.
The diamond ring was radiantly shining on her finger.
The saturated, dripping dog ran in the house after swimming in the lake.
The sun made the lake water shimmer.
The girl languidly put on her jacket as if she had no energy at all.
Some people feel perplexed by brain teasers, while others figure them out quickly
 at ease
After falling many times on his skies, Dan was reluctant to ski down the mountain again.