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May Holidays

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When is Memorial Day?
May 31
Sign language is very useful for communication. Do you know any signs?
At IATP and in the community, you might see people use these sign language.
Better Hearing and Speech Month is all about communication. What language is this?
American Sign Language
Happy Better Hearing Month! How does this device help people?
Hearing aids help people hear better. Technology is amazing!
Speech pathologists help people with communication. Who are the speech teachers at IATP?
Do you know their names?
You get older. You cannot hear very well. Which medical professional can help you?
Audiologist (they can do hearing tests)
May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. What is an AUDIOLOGIST?
Hearing specialist (helps with commnunication)
Where do people celebrate island culture with this traditional clothes and hula dancing?
Hawaii and some other islands in the Pacific Ocean
In Hawaii, what is the name of this outdoor party?
A luau
May is AAPI Month. Name 3 countries or islands where Asian cultures come from.
New Zealand, Hawaii, China, Japan, India, Korea.... and many more!
Which country did Mexico defeat at the Battle of Puebla? FRANCE or GERMANY?
It's Teacher Appreciation Week! Name 5 teachers at your school.
There are __ total teachers my school. Their names are ____ .
Instead of "May the 4th be with you" WHAT do the characters in Star Wars say?
May the FORCE be with you.
The first week of May is _____ Appreciation Week.
Is Cinco de Mayo the same as Mexican Independence Day?
No, Mexican Independence day is in September.
What do Mexican-Americans do to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
Gather, dance, eat traditional mexican food, play trumpet/guitar music, remember Mexican history
When is Cinco de Mayo?
May 5
When is Star Wars Day?
May 4th (May the Force/Fourth Be With You!)