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Senior Christmas Quiz

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What is another name for reindeer?
What does Santa give to naughty kids?
A bag of coal
What color are mistletoe berries?
How many times does Santa check his list?
What vegetable is often used for a snowman's nose?
A carrot
In what town was Jesus born?
What was Joseph's job?
Where did the baby Jesus sleep?
In a manger
What was the first name of Jesus's mother?
Which bush beginning with the letter 'H' is associated with Christmas?
Complete the two missing words from the following song lyrics 'I'm Dreaming of a ... ...'?
White Christmas
What date is New Year's Eve?
December 31st
What are the two main colors of Christmas?
Red and green
What was the name of the star above the stable where Jesus was born?
The Star of David
Where does Santa live?
The North Pole
What form of transport does Santa use to deliver all our presents?
A sleigh
How does Santa get into the house to leave our Christmas presents?
Down the chimney
What two items do we usually place on top of the Christmas tree?
A star or an angel.
According to the song, what color was Rudolph's nose?
What date is Boxing Day celebrated?
December 26th
In the famous Christmas song, which plant was Mummy kissing Santa Claus under?
In 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' song, how many lords are leaping?
How many doors of an advent calendar would you open before Christmas Day arrives?
What are Santa's helpers called?
What two things do we traditionally give to our friends and families on Christmas Day?
Cards and gifts / presents
What type of pie is typically left out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
Mince pie
Which meat do we traditionally eat with Christmas dinner?
On Christmas Day, what would you find a joke inside of?
A Christmas Cracker
What gifts did the three kings take to baby Jesus?
Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh
Santa has nine reindeer, can you name them all?
Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer, Donner, Blitzen, Dasher, Vixen, Commet and Cupid.