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After the Smith family ate their hot dogs and smores, they crawled into their sleeping bags. It was exciting to fall asleep under the stars while listening to owls hoot in the distance. What are they doing?
Before Max bought cotton candy, he visited the barn where the horses and cows were being shown. The colorful lights of the ferris wheel brightened the dark sky. Where is Max?
Mrs. Jones had the boys and girls decorate the room with banners of pink and red hearts. After they exchanged cards, students got to eat cupcakes and candy. What holiday is it?
Valentine's day
Mason’s family sat in their foldable chairs, watching brilliant fireworks light up the sky. Everyone was stuffed, having spent the day eating hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad. What holiday is it?
4th of July
Maggie spread out the blanket and placed the basket on top of it. She pulled out a sandwich and took a big bite. It was lovely eating in the warm sunshine. If only the ants would leave her alone. What is Maggie doing?
having a picnic
Jane and Stacie were seated in a booth by the kitchen. As soon as they got comfortable, they examined their menus. Jane decided to order steak, while Stacie opted for chicken. Where are they?
Cameron walked down the aisle and found a seat close to the screen. He stuck his straw into his soda, then, grabbed a handful of warm, buttery popcorn. The lights began to dim and the room grew quiet. Where is he?
movie theater
William decided to make a meal for his brother. He fried bacon, scrambled eggs, and poured some juice. What meal is it?
Sophia and her brother woke up early in the morning, before their mum and dad. They quietly went downstairs and looked at the gifts. They picked them up, shaking them. What Holiday is it?
Lucas handed Sofia some pieces of glass and looked at her. “I’m really, really sorry, Sofia,” he said quietly. What did Lucas do?
He broke something of Sofia's
The phone rang. The teacher answered it. She ran out of the room crying. You can infer that...?
it is bad news
The boy left the office holding his jaw. His mother stopped at the front desk to pay. Where are they?
As I entered the door, I thought this was a great way to end the day. The menu had a list of specialties, like sundaes and banana splits. I looked at all the flavors. Chocolate is my favorite! Where am I?
Ice cream store
I had finally gotten used to being weightless. It became a comfortable feeling. I especially liked floating by the window to see the planet Earth below. Who am I?
an astronaut
We think MOK started in China. Due to MOK most countries went into quarantine. MOK has also meant that lots of peoples summer holidays will have to be postponed. What is MOK?