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What time _____ your plane ______? (arrive)
What time does your plane arrive?
She _____ (not / stay) at her brother's house this month.
She isn't staying at her brother's house this month.
_____ Susan _____ (live) in London?
Does Susan live in London?
I can't help you now. I ______ (wait) for an important phone call.
I am waiting for an important phone call.
Where's Tim? He ______ (sit) outside in the sunshine.
He is sitting outside in the sunshine.
I always _____ (drink) coffee before I _____ (leave) for work in the morning.
I always drink coffee before I leave for work in the morning.
We _____ (have) a barbecue later today. Do you want to come?
We are having a barbecue later today.
She can't answer the phone. She _____ (have) a shower.
She is having a shower.
They usually _____ (go) to the gym on Saturdays.
They usually go to the gym on Saturdays.
Today they ______ (spend) time with their grandmother.
Today they are spending time with their grandmother.
It _____ (snow) quite hard - perhaps we shouldn't go out tonight.
It is snowing quite hard.
You won't find Jerry at home right now. He _____ (study) in the library.
He is studying in the library.
I _____ (go) to Toronto next Thursday. Do you want to come?
I am going to Toronto next Thursday.
Don't give John any cheese. He _____ (not like) it.
He doesn't like it.
Look! Tom _____ (jump) into the water.
Tom is jumping into the water.
I _____ (think) she comes from France.
I think she comes from France.
He _____ (finish) his report now.
He is finishing his report now.
She always _____ (play) tennis on Mondays.
She always plays tennis on Mondays.
I never _____ (go) swimming on Friday mornings.
I never go swimming on Friday mornings.
Where _____ they _____? (live)
Where do they live?
Please be quiet! I ______(do) my homework.
I am doing my homework.
They ______ (not watch) TV now, they ______ (read) a book.
They aren't watching TV, they are reading a book.
What's the matter? Why _____ (you / cry)?
Why are you crying?
The train always ______ (leave) on time.
The train always leaves on time.
He _____ (not speak) very good English.
He doesn't speak very good English