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If we (not come up) with a new product within a month, we (be taken over) soon.
don't come up / will - didn't come up / would
Jim (get) a better position if he (agree) to move to another branch office.
would/agreed - will/agrees
I (give) you a lift to the office every day if you (get) me my own parking space at work.
will / get - would/got
________ (you endorse) our new brand of watches if we (offer) you £10,000?
Would/offered - Will/offer
We (double) your next order if you (deliver) within one hour.
double/will - doubled/would
If I (give) you a 50% discount, (you use) our company’s services?
give/will - gave/would
The boss said he (give) me a promotion if I (boost) sales by 20%.
will give / boost - would give / boosted
If I (help) you meet one of your deadlines, (you do) my work tonight so I can go home early?
help/will - helped/would