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Science Unit 1

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An example of unicellular organism
A bacterium or a paramecium.
What is a unicellular organism?
A unicellular organism consists of a single cell
Yeast is a unicellular fungus or protist?
Fungi take in nutrients through photosyntesis. True or False?
These organisms feed on dead plants and animals
The Fungus Kingdom and The Monera Kingdom
They can not move but the can reproduce
Plant Kingdom
The nerve cells carry information from the brain to the rest of the body. True or false?
Big groups in which living things are classified
Two examples of Fungus Kingdom:
Yeast and mushroom
Two examples of Protist Kingdom
Algae and amoeba
The heart is an example of...
Cells perform the same function group together to form:
Order the structures from the simplest to the most complex: organ, tissue, organism, system, cell
cell, tissue, organ, system, organism
In a multicellular organism, many diferent cells perform different...
All living organisms consists of tiny units called...