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In Korea, sleeping with this turned on could lead to your death.
A fan
If you catch these you'll be the next to be married.
Wedding flowers (bouquet)
This kind of weather brings good luck on your wedding day.
A lucky number.
If you see this insect it might bring you good luck.
A ladybug
Hold this furry token for good luck.
A rabbit's foot
This person can't see the bride before the wedding.
The groom
If you need good luck, make sure to knock on this.
If you step on this you might break your mother's back.
A crack
If you see this, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck.
A penny
Never open this inside.
An umbrella
If you spill this, throw some over your shoulder for good luck.
If you cross these, you might have some good luck.
Your fingers
This plant can be lucky if you find one with four leaves.
A four-leaf clover.
If you break this you'll get 7 years of bad luck.
A mirror
Don't walk under this.
A ladder
This day might bring bad luck.
Friday 13th
This can be lucky if you hang it above a door.
A horseshoe
This color cat is bad luck.
An unlucky number.