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"I don't know what to do!" - he says. [He wishes]
He wishes he knew what to do.
What a pity you live so far away! [If only]
If only you didn't live so far away.
If the weather ... (not / be) fine tomorrow we ... (not / go) to the beach.
If the weather isn't fine tomorrow we won't to the beach.
If you ... (wait) a minute, I ... (come) with you. [1st]
If you wait a minute, I will come with you.
I'm sorry, but I can't come to the zoo with you next weekend. [I wish]
I wish I could come to the zoo with you next weekend.
If he ... (grow) his own vegetables, he ... (not have) to buy them. [2nd]
If he grew his own vegetables, he wouldn't have to buy them.
I ... (give) you the money if you ... (pay) me back next week. [1st]
I will give you the money if you pay me back next week.
If I ... (know) you were sleeping, I ... (not wake) you. [3rd]
If I had known you were sleeping, I wouldn't have woken you.
Why didn't I check the petrol before leaving? [I wish]
I wish I had checked the petrol before leaving.
He didn't help her. He feels so sorry now! [If only]
If only he had helped her.
If I ... (be) you, I ... (get) a new job. [2nd]
If I were you, I would get a new job.
I regret having bought this car. [I wish]
I wish I hadn't bought this car.
I'd really like you to pay more attention. [I wish]
I wish you would pay more attention.
She ... (call) him if she ... (have) his number. [2nd]
She would call him if she had his number.
If I ... (have) enough money, I ... (buy) a big house. [2nd]
If I had enough money, I would buy a big house.
If he ... (not/take) the job, he ... (go) travelling. [3rd]
If he hadn't taken the job, he would have gone travelling.
If she ... (go) to university, she ... (study) French. [3rd]
If she had gone to university, she would have studied French.
She wasn't on time for the interview because she left the house late. (3rd)
If she hadn't left the house late, she would have been on time for the interview.
I felt sick because I ate too much. (I wish)
I wish I hadn't eaten so much.
They didn't stop, so they had an accident. (3rd)
If they had stopped, they wouldn't have had an accident.